How it works

Mercante Technologies leverages advanced AI-driven solutions to offer seamless customer support for businesses. The system:

  1. Integration: Connects easily with your current platforms, from emails to embedded chats and popular apps like Telegram.
  2. Training: Our AI model, using past data, learns the common queries and how to respond to them.
  3. Implementation: Once activated, it responds to customer inquiries in real-time, ensuring they get instant feedback.
  4. Continuous Learning: Over time, the AI adapts to new queries, refining its responses for better accuracy.

  1. Efficiency: Streamline customer support with faster, 24/7 automated responses.
  2. Accuracy: AI models ensure the right answers for each customer query.
  3. Scalability: Suits businesses of all sizes, from startups to large enterprises.
  4. Cost-effective: Reduce overheads associated with manual customer support.

  • E-commerce: Enhance user shopping experience with instant support.
  • Finance: Address customer queries on transactions, services, and products swiftly.
  • Healthcare: Guide patients with quick, automated responses.
  • Education: Help students and educators with timely information.
  • Travel & Hospitality: Provide travelers instant support on queries related to bookings, destinations, and more.

Our pricing model is straightforward and transparent:
  • Pay-per-response: Only $0.10 per email reply, $0.05 per text message
  • No hidden fees: No setup charges or hidden costs.
  • Affiliate Program: Earn 8% commission on successful referrals.
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